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The website was developed to give any Veteran or Military family member an easy to use way to quickly find support services around them that they can trust and also feel free to voice their opinion about after their experience.  There are many rating and review websites on the Internet today, but none are solely focused on the unique challenges of Veterans and the U.S. Military communities of America.  The ServingVETS platform is dedicated to only listing the most useful Services to our users and then encouraging open and honest conversations about their experiences.  We then enable all ratings and reviews of a user's social media friends and verified Veteran status to be easily found in one place.  All in an effort to deliver a truly trusted, centralized online rating and review system for Veteran and Military families. 


ServingVETS's mission is to be the most trusted online community serving America's Veteran and Military communities.  How we do this:

The website is always free for Veteran families and revenues are generated from service's listed claiming their page and getting access to a Veteran community outreach platform. The goal of our trusted system and verification efforts is to create a high level of context and integrity for each service page's ratings and reviews and let local Veteran support organizations be a part of the local Veteran conversation from a centralized, online source. 

Help us Spread the Word:

Please help us spread the word about ServingVETS so all Veterans and their families can easily find the best local help around them to manage their ongoing transition challenges. Together we can support our nation's Veterans and build a more safe, secure, and prosperous United States of America.  You can help us spread the word by:

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ServingVETS for Organizations:

Organizations listed on ServingVets can directly connect into the opinions of America's Veteran and Military families using our platform.  ServingVETS is an opportunity for our approved organizations to interact with their ratings and reviews from our user community quickly and easily.  We enable organizations to target and message users that have rated and reviewed their organization over time to build a more trusted bond and ongoing feedback loop.  Each organization can also freely post their own ratings and reviews on their page as long as they self identify their organization.  Our mission is to make organizations that serve Veterans more effective and more successful through their interactions with our user's ratings and reviews.

ServingVETS for Schools:

Over 80% of ServingVETS is listings of American universities and colleges.  The guide is a ranking of America's top colleges ranked by Veterans and their families.  Each university, college, or community college has the opportunity to claim their page and interact with their campus veteran network as a verified administrator.  Schools that do not wish to claim their page get a badge of "lame".  

The benefits of claiming your page school page:

1.  Add your logo - visual branding super important

2. Integrate social media - get likes and followers from the Military/Veteran community

3. Integrate website - take our widget and display the best reviews of verified Veterans on your website with our javascript app, super easy to install

4. Survey students - as soon as they leave your office, we send them a survey with fun discounts to local businesses

5. Part of the Conversation - the ServingVets conversation is happening regardless of a school claiming their page, when a school does claim their page their questions are part of the social conversation happening on campus between the veterans via their devices.  We make it fun and the survey question and answer data is for each school to use in a number of valuable ways.  

It is only $9/month to start.

Bonus benefits:

- YouTube videos

- Add SEO keywords

- Shorten URL such as www.servingvets.com/icc