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The ServingVETS platform caters to Veterans, Veteran spouses and family members, U.S. Military service members and their families.  Our platform also is heavily used by not for profit and for profit businesses that value interactions with our community.  America's Veteran and Military demographics are:

  • Veteran population - 22 Million
  • Veteran caregiver and family population - 45 Million
  • Military service members - 2.5 Million
  • Military service member family members - 4 Million
  • Veteran and Military civilian advocates - 5 to 10 Million

Our target market is close to 80 Million people.  There will be 1 Million new Veterans over the next 5 years as the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts come to an end.  This is an incredible opportunity for our partners to establish a trusted bond with new Veterans and their families in their new civilian world and identity.  Their consumer buying power can increase your bottom line while your organization can know it is supporting an invaluable service to their unheard needs.

All advertising partners will receive details reports on a weekly basis of how many times their ad has been viewed, clicked, shared, liked, or tweeted.  We truly believe in a partnership with our advertisers and want to demonstrate our ROI with clarity over our partnership lifetime. 

To contact us about becoming a Founding Sponsor, please email  We will respond quickly!