Paralized Veterans of America

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Our wounded veterans fought for us. Now you can fight for them. Your gift of $18 a month will help save lives.

Patriot Clinic

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Patriot Clinics, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing effective medical treatment and other therapies to persons who have suffered injuries and who have been unable to receive effective treatment for their injuries or other medical conditions.

Support Me Group, Sgt Peter Perez Fight Cancer

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We are so thankful for all the donations everyone has made, and for all the support Peter is getting from all over the place! We appreciate all the phone calls, messages, and prayers they really mean a lot. He won't go down without a fight because he will BEAT cancer!!!

Top Veteran Care (.com), Plano, TX

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Find Top Rated Facilities & Care Providers near you. Search hundreds of options in your area, Nationwide. Free Information and Reviews on care options. It’s fast, easy and best of all FREE!

VA Medical Centers & Clinic Locations (Regional), Plano, TX

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Department of Veteran Hospitals and Clinic locations accessible in the Plano, TX area region.

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