Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations

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The Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations consists of a 37 member of VSO's.

US Air Force Life and Career

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Committed to delivering fully qualified, ready Airmen for the Joint Warfighter while meeting essential needs for them and their families. For more info, check out my Pers, the Air Force's Personnel Services website at http://mypers.af.mil/

VAntage Point

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VA News Service. Dispatches from the Department of Veteran Affairs. Sign up to receive bundled e-mail updates whenever we publish new content. In remarks to Veterans attending the 96th annual American Legion National Convention today, the president announced executive actions that will allow the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to improve the mental health services they provide to Veterans, Service members and their families. The 19 actions build upon the president's 2012 executive order , which afforded VA the ability to hire 1,600 mental health professionals, expand the capacity of the Veterans Crisis Line and enhance its partnerships with community mental health providers.

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