Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you do not see below, please let us know by filling out the contact us form.  Our goal is to make this section of our platform an invaluable resource to answer any question that a person might have.  We welcome all feedback. 

  1. What if I see an inappropriate review?  If you read a review posted by a user that you feel is spam or inappropriate, please inform us by filling out the contact us form or emailing us at  We have a team to monitor all reviews posted, but some of them slip by and we depend on our community to let us know if a comment requires investigation. 
  2. What if I want to post a negative review because I experienced poor service?  We believe all opinions should be voiced but in a constructive manner.  We encourage all postings to authentically describe their experience, citing both positive and negative opinions about an experience.  However, we hope that even poor experiences can be described in a constructive way that will help other readers decide if they will engage with an organization or not.
  3. What is and how do I verify my Veteran status?  ServingVETS has partnered with a Veteran owned company called to provide a digital verification process to verify a user's Veteran status. is free for all Veterans and they have over 1,300,000 registered Veterans in their database.  Users simply click the "Verify with" link in the drop down under their profile name and then our platform flags their profile as a verified Veteran.  Once this process is complete, a set of dog tags is then seen on a user's verified Veteran profile and next to all of their ratings and reviews.