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Alliance Veterans Housing Assistance Program [SSVF]

National Nonprofit

Factors such as joblessness, limited income, disabilities, mental illness, substance use, poor credit, criminal histories, and traumatic events affect housing stability. Alliance's Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program is designed to help Veteran families address these issues and secure permanent housing. SSVF provides a short, intensive period of case management to link families to benefits and provide temporary financial assistance with housing or moving expenses. Temporary Financial Assistance SSVF offers limited financial assistance that helps Veterans remain in or obtain permanent housing:

  • Rent*, penalties, or fees
  • Utility fees
  • Security or utility deposits
  • Moving costs
  • Transportation
  • Child care

*not including mortgage payments Only participants receiving case management will be eligible for financial assistance payments. All payments made to 3rd parties.

Case Management
Alliance case managers are experienced, trained, and educated professionals who truly care about helping others and who have a unique understanding of Veteran needs. They will:

  • Assess your individual needs and situation
  • Develop a plan to help you achieve your housing goals
  • Link you with vital resources at the VA and in the community
  • Monitor progress towards your goals and refine as needed
  • Advocate on your behalf at the VA and in the community

SSVF participants will receive a short (3-6 months) period of case management to assist them with obtaining permanent housing.

[For program form contact, list John Pomory:, 410-282-5900 ext. 3015.]

Ratings & Reviews

Tim D

Submitted November 4, 2016

If it were possible to give zero stars I would. 8 months since I contacted them and still haven't found a house apartment even a hotel room. Staff refuses to contact me after multiple messages and voice mail's. All promise no action. I even went and found several places for them to contact. They disqualified everyone. I had a pop up camper but that broke in Oct now all I have left is my tent. Thank Obama for all you've done to take care of vets all smoke and mirrors.

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  7701 Wise Ave
Baltimore, MD 21222
  410-282-5900 ext. 3333