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Military OneSource

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Military OneSource has policy and programmatic information, helpful resources, products, articles and tips on numerous topics related to military life. Services are available 24 hours a day by telephone and online. In addition to the website support, Military OneSource offers call center and online support for consultations on a number of issues such as spouse education and career opportunities, issues specific to families with a member with special needs, health coaching, financial support and resources.

Military OneSource also offers non-medical counseling services online, via telephone, or face to face. Eligible individuals may receive non-medical counseling addressing issues requiring short-term attention, including everyday stressors, deployment and reintegration concerns, parenting, grief and loss, and marital problems as well as assistance with financial management, taxes, career services, health and wellness, and much more. This personalized support is available 24/7 no matter where you live or serve.

Ratings & Reviews

jonathon l

Submitted July 8, 2014

Military One Source is one of the most comprehensive websites and online portals for Veterans and their families. We are honored to serve alongside their efforts.

Corinne H

Submitted October 25, 2013

We all know that the transition period from a deployment is never easy. Military One Source is resource that EVERYONE can use. They are able to point you in the direction you need for pretty much any issue that arrises. The staff is courteous and more importantly they WANT to help. It is confidential and easy to get help. One of the best military sources I have come in contact with.

Matt T

Submitted October 24, 2013

This is a top notch organization providing a much needed benefit for our military community. I had a great experience working with their staff, who were both helpful and knowledgeable.

Brendan R

Submitted October 24, 2013

Excellent source of information for all military personnel.

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