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American Red Cross, Military Family Support

National Nonprofit

The Red Cross relies on the volunteer spirit and financial generosity of the American people to support America's military families. Today, as always, the men and women of the American Red Cross continue to show our appreciation for the dedicated service and patriotic sacrifices of America's military men and women and their families by being there to support them wherever they are and whenever they need us.

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Tabby D

Submitted October 25, 2013

The American Red Cross serves the military community in many different aspects. They provide emergency relief, support, and volunteer opportunities all over the world. I had the privilege of being a Red Cross volunteer at our MTF overseas and was able to use my nursing skills while waiting for employment. Great service.

Nicole H

Submitted October 24, 2013

The American Red Cross serves as an essential line of contact for servicemembers and their families. During a deployment, the Red Cross is able to contact an individual's commanding officer in case of an emergency. They help bring our soldiers home when we need them.

They also play an integral part in the everyday business of our military bases by providing volunteers in hospitals and veterinary clinics. They were able to help my family after a recent flood in our town did a significant amount of damage to our home. A truly outstanding and everlasting organization.

Alissa B

Submitted October 23, 2013

The American Red Cross strives to provide Military families resources in times of great need! In addition to supporting natural disasters, the American Red Cross will provide resources when spouses are deployed and at home to support the men, women, and children to sacrifice so very much.

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