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Armed Forces Tickets Association (AFTA)

Community Nonprofit

AFTA provides tickets and passes to events in the local Cincinnati Ohio area. You are able to easily navigate the sites and find events (such as plays and sporting events) that tickets have been given to AFTA through. The tickets go fast, but if you watch the site you are able to get tickets to some really great events.

HOW TO REGISTER: To receive free or discounted tickets to events listed on our website, you will need to register on the website using the ENewsletter tab, then visit the Events tab. Please make sure you fill out all the requested information including full name, mailing address and phone number(s) where you can be reached. Without this information, we cannot provide tickets to you. Another way to register is on the Event Tab. Click on Purchase/Buy Tickets and then Register right there. PLEASE READ DOWN THE ENTIRE EVENT PAGE IF YOU WISH TO OBTAIN TICKETS FOR THAT EVENT.

REMEMBER: You must be Active Military to get tickets through our website unless the Event SPECIFICALLY invites veterans and retirees.  Proof of active military status or veteran/retiree status will be required to register for tickets.

HOW TO RESERVE YOUR TICKETS: Once you have decided on an event, you can obtain tickets by clicking on the "Buy Tickets" button on the event page. What you are actually doing is RESERVING a ticket and a voucher will be provided for you at the end of your reservation which you can print. You will need to present this voucher and valid military ID when redeeming tickets at the venue. All Active Armed Forces, Reserves and Guard personnel and their immediate families are eligible to reserve tickets through this website,  If RETIREES or VETERANS are permitted to register for an event, the Event Page and email notification will point that out.  Otherwise, the tickets are for those actively serving and their immediate families.

Ratings & Reviews

Corinne H

Submitted October 25, 2013

We love AFTA. We are able to get tickets to some really amazing events (come on... Free Bengals tickets??) Only negative is the tickets go pretty fast. A lady from AFTA told me to watch the site and maybe check it daily. That way you are in the know of what's available. Getting the tickets are easy as they are either mailed to you or you print off a voucher and pick up at will call. NO GOING TO POSTS TO GET TICKETS :)

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