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NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative

National Nonprofit

Online Community and Resource

NVTC and have built an online community and resource that facilitates the development, hiring and training of military veterans throughout the technology community. The website includes a searchable database of jobs at NVTC member companies, a military skills translator for veterans to match their skills to jobs in the civilian environment, and educational resources and tools.

Every NVTC member company can now post FREE job listings on this site, which is being promoted to's member community of 10 million veterans and their spouses, as well as to veterans around the country through various partner organizations.

In addition, NVTC members now have access to Monster's database of more than 800,000 veteran resumes. This is an extremely valuable benefit and will be an incredible tool for recruiting veterans into our technology community.

Member Engagement and Training

Over the coming months, NVTC will be launching new events and resources promoting best practices in veteran recruitment, training and retention, to encourage member companies to create or expand their own veteran employment programs and to provide mentors and a community to veterans coming into our companies.

State and Federal Relations

NVTC is focusing on advocating for state and federal policies that facilitate veterans' employment both regionally and nationally by working with legislators and policymakers to identify solutions that will promote veterans' education, training and access to employment. This will facilitate the removal of barriers that prevent government contractors from effectively hiring and training veterans, and enable a smoother transition for veterans to the civilian workforce.

Partnerships with Academic Institutions

NVTC is working with our university and community college members to develop and expand veterans training programs that address the skills gap faced by many veterans as they leave military service. NVTC's academic partners are supporting the Veterans Employment Initiative by identifying the future employment needs of companies in the Commonwealth and providing education, certifications and associated support services to veteran students to better assure a smooth transition to the workplace.

Veteran Organization Outreach

NVTC is identifying and establishing relationships with existing veterans' programs and organizations to facilitate understanding of veterans' challenges and outreach to veterans as they transition out of military service. Veteran Organization Partners will assist NVTC in promoting the Initiative to the veteran community and encouraging their constituents to participate in the Initiative's programs and events.

Ratings & Reviews

Jonathon L

Submitted July 10, 2014

The NVTC has simply just used the website to create a new reason for their members to pay money to post on Monster. This is a poor excuse for a technology organization to connect Veterans to their member employer jobs. I found that the main link to join as an employer is broken - - and that anyone can find these jobs on Very disappointed in this lack luster attempt of supporting Virginia technology companies and Veteran jobs.

David C

Submitted July 10, 2014

If you are a veteran and interested in working in technology, this is the place to go. If you are a tech company and want to hire veterans, this is the place to go.

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