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Leave No Veteran Behind

National Nonprofit

Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB) is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that invests in Veterans to build better communities through employment training, transitional jobs, and our veteran educational debt relief scholarship. Leave No Veteran Behind invests in heroes who have served their country honorably and who seek to continue their service as assets in communities across America.

Our three tiers of service are Education, Employment and Communities. Donations help to fund our vital services. By making a single or regular monthly donation you’ll help us build better communities.

Education:  Addressing educational debt through our retroactive scholarship invests in Veterans who face economic hardship, fall through the cracks of existing educational programs, and allows them to leverage their education for community success.

Most Americans assume that the G.I. Bill guarantees U.S. Armed Forces personnel access to free post-secondary education. They are surprised to learn that active duty personnel, reservists, and Veterans have had to take out student loans to pay for higher education.

Retroactive Scholarship:  Leave No Veteran Behind addresses Veteran student debt head on with its Retroactive Scholarship Program. Like most scholarships this Leave No Veteran Behind Program is highly sought. Hundreds of qualified Veterans apply each year. Only a handful is awarded annually based on need and available funds. Unlike most scholarships this award is given after their higher education has been completed and student loans have been made because the Veteran was not covered under existing educational programs. Each year, the Leave No Veteran Behind Scholarship Committee selects Veteran recipients. Recipients get their student loan accounts paid off in full. Veterans must have completed some form of higher education, suffer from economic hardship, and have student loans because they were not fully covered by existing educational programs. In return, all Veterans helped through our program commit to 100-400 hours of community service that leverages their military skills, civilian education, and lack of indebtedness to help solve the most pressing issues facing their communities.

Leave No Veteran Behind is the only non-profit organization in the nation working to address Veteran educational debt in these extraordinary ways. The Leave No Veteran Behind Retroactive Scholarship keeps our promise to our Veterans by investing in their future so that no Veteran is left behind.

Employment:  Unemployment and underemployment limits the ability of Veterans to support their families and positively contribute to society. We provide transitional jobs and employment training to Veterans who face economic hardship.

Training Opportunities:  The underpinning for any successful military operation rests on the training of those who carry out the mission. As Veterans leave the military, one component of their success is the ability to receive training that leverages their experiences for placement into careers. As a part of our employment focus, Leave No Veteran Behind provides returning Veterans training opportunities that supplement the skills they learned in the military in order to find meaningful employment. This investment not only benefits the Veteran, but the economic foundation of our nation as well.

Transitional Jobs:  Entrepreneurism is the backbone of American success. When deciding how our organization would address the issue of Veteran unemployment and underemployment, we decided to utilize a transitional job model. In this model, we take on fee for service contracts to provide Veteran clients transitional jobs, training, and then help place them in long-term employment. On any given day, Leave No Veteran Behind directly provides jobs to 50-75 Veterans in transitional work. These Veteran clients work alongside community members and youth in contracts that are addressing some of the most pressing issues in their local communities.

Veteran Demographics:  Leave No Veteran Behind's transitional jobs program focusses on three demographics of Veteran clients to address their very specific situations:

  • Student Veterans- Transitional job support is a substantial financial subsidy as student Veterans attend school while using educational programs like the GI Bill. Transitional jobs provides them with added income and limits their need to take on educational debt to support their families.
  • Unemployed Veterans- Receive a stabilizing income that helps support their families while they look for long-term employment. Our jobs model also acts as a reference for future employment opportunities which also helps to mitigate discrimination against those who have been unemployed.
  • Older Veterans- Receive a subsidy to their pension, retirement, and/or social security while providing meaningful engagement within the communities in which they live. This engagment leverages the talent and experience to also help younger Veterans through their integration process.

Community:  Veterans do not come home to programs; they come home to communities. Leveraging the skills of Veterans to solve the issues of their communities is integrated into our transitional job opportunities and is a requirement for receiving aid.

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