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In 2012, UNLV established the Office of Veteran Services to better serve our growing student veteran and military family community by developing a welcoming, veteran-friendly campus environment that fosters academic and personal success. We understand the many challenges associated with pursuing a degree while serving on active duty, as well as the challenges associated with making the leap from the military to the civilian world. Working with the Student Veterans & Military Family Services Committee and our VetSuccess office on campus to meet these needs, the office is staffed with veterans and GI Bill-experienced staff to assist more than 1,400 veterans, dependents, active duty service members, National Guard members and reservists with answers to questions concerning admissions, GI Bill enrollment certification, financial aid resources, campus and community support services, local veteran discounted-housing programs and various networks for veteran employment opportunities. 

Our Programs

UNLV Veteran Programs: The following programs are nationally recognized as the model for welcoming, admitting, mentoring, and providing resources to student veterans to help increase retention and graduation. The following list highlights the benefits of attending UNLV for veterans and includes the UNLV Office of Veteran Services programs:

·         Nevada residency is granted to all “honorably” discharged veterans within two years of separation.

·         Priority registration is provided to all veterans to expedite the payment of their housing allowance

·         UNLV is ranked as a Top 15% “Veteran-Friendly” University (GIJOBS.COM 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

·         UNLV has a VetSuccess program with a VA Benefits Counselor on campus.

·         UNLV is a Yellow Ribbon Fund participant, which helps veterans or military family members who are charged out-of-state tuition fees. (In collaboration with the UNLV Foundation, we raised $37,000 and, with VA matching funds, reached a total of $74,000.)   

·         UNLV sponsors a nationally recognized Student Veterans Organization and a REBEL Women Veterans group.

·         UNLV hosts “SAFE TALK” suicide prevention training and an “Ask-A-Lawyer” legal aid workshop each semester.

·         UNLV College of Education and Clark County School District are partners for the Troops to Teachers program at UNLV

·         UNLV is part of the Univeristy of Michigan Peer Advisor Veteran Education (PAVE) peer-to-

peer mentoring program.

·         UNLV co-sponsors the annual Senator Reid Veteran Hiring Fair with local employers ready to hire veterans. (Our fourth veteran career fair was held January 10, 2015.)

·         The Eleanor Kagi Foundation funded our 1st Annual Rebel Vet Graduation reception on May 15, 2014, to honor our 116 student veteran graduates. Each Rebel Vet graduate received a Rebel Vet graduation coin, a red, white and blue cord, and certificates of recognition from the Governor and the Nevada Delegation.  

One Stop Shop

The Office of Veteran Services, located in the Student Services Complex A, Room 311, was created to provide you with all the support you'll need in one place. There, you'll find friendly faces, information, and transition support specifically tailored to your unique needs.

As you begin to integrate into the UNLV community, be sure to get involved with the Student Veterans Organization on campus. In this group, you will find mentors and friends — all of whom have experienced military service.

We hope you find a connection to UNLV's people and programs. If you find yourself to be missing that vital link, please contact us. We are here to help.

Ratings & Reviews

Bruno M

Submitted February 4, 2016

UNLV has been an outstanding institution where I have been able to grow as an advocate and leader in Veterans education. Since I moved to UNLV from the community college, I have had the best support and service from the Veterans Service Office. The staff at the office have been more than accommodating and will work with any unforeseen circumstance that may delay my benefits. They are very knowledgable and will provide me accurate information about my benefits. Due to the excellence in service, I was compelled to joined the team as a work study, a Student Veteran organization leader, and Peer Advisor for the P.A.V.E. program. There are many resources for Veterans to succeed at UNLV.

Jonathon L

Submitted July 29, 2015

UNLV is a great place to be for Veterans. Ross Bryant runs the show there and it is a smooth sailing operation that shows genuine care for Veteran success and the spirit of the Military Veteran. If you have any doubt about UNLV, just talk with Ross and he will most likely convince you that UNLV is the right choice for you.

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  Student Services Complex A, Room 311
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