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Veterans Education and Transition Services strives to provide the tools and assistance necessary for student veterans to achieve academic success while fostering camaraderie and engagement. VETS is an organization run by veterans, for veterans, who through their shared experiences endeavor to maintain a dynamic and effective program which is responsive to the needs of the student veteran community. 

VETS recognizes that shifting from 'soldier to student' is not always a straightforward process and is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment that makes this transition from military to student to employed graduate as smooth as possible. If you are a student veteran or thinking of becoming one call us at 520-626-8380, email at (link sends e-mail), or visit us at one of our two VETS Centers on campus. If you are new to campus or have never been to our VETS Center in the Student Union please join us for a virtual tour

Ratings & Reviews

Jessica G

Submitted February 23, 2016

Overall, U of A offers veterans an excellent opportunity to further their education and meet their goals. The veteran run organizations on campus provide support in all aspects.

Lynnette F

Submitted February 19, 2016

I love the University of Arizona, the staff is helpful, kind, and always get back to me in a timely manner. The veteran's center is another aspect that makes the University great, I can go and complete my homework, or just relax on the couch without being bothered. The numerous courses, resources available, and unique degree programs make this school top notch.

Richard S

Submitted February 16, 2016

I have attended another university here in Arizona, in the Tempe area, and I have to say that the UofA treats their veterans wonderfully. My first day on campus I was personally walked over from the registrar office to the VETS center and was greeted with welcoming veteran faces. The UofA handles the GI Bill and disbursement options easily and I have never had an issue with timely payments. Overall I have no complaints when it comes to my experience here at the UofA as a student veteran.

Sean M

Submitted February 13, 2016

I think the University of Arizona is GREAT in terms of veterans support, support agencies, making vets feel like they are part of the higher learning experience and showing them respect and admiration. There is a beautiful memorial of students who have served and payed the ultimate price as well as 3-4 different vets support groups. My Dean of Student services is a lifetime vet and I feel nothing but support from her.

Angela M

Submitted February 11, 2016

The University of Arizona is a great place for veterans! There are many services for graduate and undergraduate veteran students. The VETS program goes above and beyond to assist with the unique needs and challenges of the veteran student community. I also greatly appreciate the opportunities that U of A provides to give back to the local veteran community.

Jonathan R

Submitted February 11, 2016

I've been fortunate enough to attend some wonderful institutions of higher learning since my time in the USMC came to an end. When it comes to quality of service, personal care and accessibility to veterans, the University of Arizona is truly second to none. I'm constantly informed as to academic, professional and social opportunities to participate in. The U of A has set a standard of excellence in the way it cares for veterans that can serve as a model that other schools should seek to emulate.

Joshua S

Submitted February 11, 2016

The U of A truly distinguishes itself with the services it offers for military and veterans. They are by far the most efficient at handling education benefits that I have experienced in multiple universities. Also, they have great communication and remain in contact throughout your entire collegiate experience, including information for scholarships, outings, special events, job postings, mixers, partnering with other veteran's organizations, and more. The university also is exemplary at accommodating any disabilities, something to take into account if you are a vet with service connected disabilities, making sure that you do not fall behind the 8 ball. One of the things I have valued the most about my time at the U of A is the opportunity to serve other veterans in the community. It is apparent to me that this school truly values veterans and continues to look for new ways to serve them.

Jordan H

Submitted February 11, 2016

I would say that the University of Arizona has gone the extra step to take care of veterans and those currently serving in the military. As one still serving, I have twice been called to service, missing exams and significant amounts of class. Faculty and administration would glad to help set up video recording of the classes I missed, and the Dean of Students even came in on Christmas Eve to proctor the exams I missed for me. The school really dose have a special pro veteran attitude.

Jonathan L

Submitted February 10, 2016

I have been to about 4 different Universities and UofA has worked the hardest to help Vets get their education benefits rolling. Beyond that, Vet services also hosts events to give vets an opportunity to come together for some face-time and fun. Probably the best thing about the UofA is that it gives Veterans an opportunity to give back and be involved. UofA is a great place for purpose driven individuals to continue making their nation proud

Nicholas G

Submitted February 10, 2016

The U of A has an outstanding Vet services center that offers tutoring and other personalized services to veterans. Overall the school has a great program and outreach for vet students.

Dayna M

Submitted February 9, 2016

As a veteran, I have been overwhelmingly surprised at how accommodating and helpful the University of Arizona is toward all veterans. I would highly recommend the U of A to any veteran looking for higher education.

Wesley S

Submitted February 8, 2016

I have to agree with the previous reviewer, the VETS center and the veteran services at the UofA are first rate. I do not have the opportunity to utilize everything that is offered because of my schedule, but I am always receiving reminders and advertisements about unique opportunities. For example the opportunities have been to go go-kart racing, listen to speakers, scholarships, community service and more. It is easy to see the UofA supports its veterans and wants to develop them and provide support that will enable them to become successful upon graduation.

Vikram J

Submitted February 7, 2016

The University of Arizona is a great school for military veterans. The Veterans' affairs office is very helpful when it comes to helping the veterans with their tuition or other fees related issues. All in all, I would recommend U of A to any military veteran who wants to get a higher education and move ahead in life.

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