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Only Veterans are able to suggest a service currently. We are continually growing the listings and it is free to suggest one, but only Veterans are allowed to do this. Login with Troop ID  


Rules for Submitting a Service:

  1. Fill out as much of the information as possible in the form to the left.
  2. Make sure the information is credible and can be trusted.
  3. Please involve the organization you are submitting for if you can.
  4. If approved, you will tell many people to add their ratings and reviews.


Any registered user can suggest a service to be found within our platform. All suggested service pages are reviewed by the staff. We assess the credibility of the submission, can modify if necessary to maintain trust in the content, and ultimately approve the service page to be listed in our directory available to generate ratings and reviews. reserves the right to modify submissions and owns all rights and content to submissions created and processed on

If your submission is deemed not credible, we will attempt to contact you and let you know that the submission has been denied. Depending on how many bad submissions we receive, we will attempt to explain why it was denied. Our goal is to enter a majority of the services ourselves and build a process around crowd sourcing the ever changing options of Veteran support services over time.

Verified Veteran submissions:

If you have Veteran credentials and you are an owner of your organization, your verified Veteran badge will be seen next to your organization's name on your Service page in the near future. The public can also filter Services in our search results by verified Veteran status in the near future.

Claiming your Service page:

Organizations will have the ability to claim their Service page and interact with their ratings and reviews in our easy to manage platform in the near future. We plan to always have a free, get started version and then organizations can pay a low, affordable price to enhance their Service page and interact with the users giving ratings and reviews about your organization from our platform.