Tech Notes

Feature Release: Profile Photo Tool

February 24, 2015

With today's release, you can now directly update, zoom, and crop your profile photo. To access this new tool, simply login to your account, go to My Profile, and click the orange "Change Photo" button to work with your profile image:

The profile photo editor will appear in a popup dialog:



Feature Release: Ratings and Reviews Widget

January 7, 2015

Today's code release includes our new Ratings and Reviews Widget. This widget provides a simple way to add the ratings and reviews on your ServingVETS service page to your own website. Just choose your settings, copy a few simple lines into your website, and voila!

VIP organizations have access to this widget in the Service Manager under the Widget tab. Not a VIP organization? It only costs a few bucks a month to access all the additional tools and features that a free account cannot access.

Here is a sample of what the widget looks like on your website:

When the widget is starting up:

Once the widget has fully loaded:

We hope you enjoy our new Ratings and Reviews Widget! As always, please direct any feedback directly to ServingVETS by clicking on the Send us Feedback link at the bottom of our website.