Your Impact

ServingVETS is designed to be personalized based on each user's social network connections.  By adding your rating and reviews, your opinions are seen at the top of a Service page any time your Facebook friends join.  Your voice is heard louder and read more often because your voice matters to your Facebook connections.  Your opinions also can help readers who are not connected to you on Facebook if your opinions are honest and constructive. 

The platform's value to the Veteran and Military communities of America grows as thousands of ratings and reviews are inputted and then filtered for relevancy and trust, specific to each user.   As more and more reviews are added, more and more families are empowered to easily find the best matched services for their needs wherever they are, whenever they are needed.

Your impact is that your opinions can influence thousands of Veterans' choices when they are deciding which services around them to discover, engage with, and build a long lasting relationship.  If you can help spread the word about ServingVETS in any way possible, you will be helping us a great deal, so please do so.

Top 10 things you can do to help ServingVETS:

  1. Join our Facebook group    
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Email all the Veterans you know about ServingVETS
  4. Email all of the people you know who have Military family about ServingVETS
  5. Create your own flier with our logo (see about page) and post it around town
  6. Call your local radio, newspaper, and television companies and tell them about ServingVETS
  7. Submit a service from your community and then tell everyone you know to rate and review that service
  8. Post ratings and reviews and then share them on Facebook and email them to people you think will care
  9. Become a paying advertiser and we will use revenue to purchase handouts with your logo on it
  10. Get a tattoo of the ServingVETS logo and we will post it on the front page of our website for a month linking to your ratings and reviews

Your Impact on our Nation:

There are over 1 Million soldiers returning from the recent conflicts and they will flood the current VA system which already has considerable demand and pressure.  To address these often local transition needs, many organizations (not for profit and for profit) will be created and many will have varying quality levels of service.  ServingVETS fixes the problem of which organization to trust with a ratings and reviews engine that can be personalized by what each user's Facebook friends are recommending and discussing.  This revolutionary technology process enables us to rank the best Services a user should consider for any transition challenge they might have.  Ultimately, our platform is creating a more effective method for transitioning Military into civlian lives as Veterans. 

America has a huge challenge to face with the existing and future problems of our nation's Veterans.  However, it is our belief that this historical time should be viewed as an enormous opportunity. 

  • This is an opportunity for our country to demonstrate that America courageously protects and supports its defenders. 
  • This is an opportunity for our country to put to work the core traits of 1 Million Veterans which are reliability, discipline, ability to be trained, and their leadership under pressure to be successful as warrior citizens. 
  • This is an opportunity to empower members to rate and review voice their opinions on the best job and training programs, creating a more informed workforce and more supported entrepreneurial network. 
  • This is an opportunity for our country to support those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to us and to the United States of America. 

America will be a stronger nation as the Veterans and Military are more successful during their incredibly difficult transition challenges.  ServingVETS is here to answer the call of our nation to be the most trusted platform of ratings and reviews of organizations that serve and support families through these evolving challenges over time.  We are this mission and look forward to being a model to future generations of companies and organizations serving Veterans everywhere. 

Please tell others about ServingVETS!